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Misery by Stephen King

Have you ever read a really good book, fallen in love with the characters and then been heartbroken by the ending? Been so emotionally invested that you want to personally meet the author and get an alternate ending? Well, that's exactly what happens in Stephen Kings iconic book, Misery, keep reading if you want to find… Continue reading Misery by Stephen King

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Different Seasons by Stephen King

Having read a couple of Kings books before and being a fan of his stories, I had high expectations for this collection of four novellas. Two of these stories were made into very well known movie adaptations: The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me which are some of my favourite films. Plot Overview: This gripping… Continue reading Different Seasons by Stephen King

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‘IT’ Movie Review 🎈

So I finally got a chance to watch IT, and I say finally because ever since the trailers and even the initial news of a new adaptation came out, I was beyond excited. Horror is one of my favourite genres to watch and read, you name it and I've probably seen it, apart from some… Continue reading ‘IT’ Movie Review 🎈

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It by Stephen King

Hi guys, In honour of the newest adaptation of IT being released in cinemas in a few days, I thought this was perfect timing for a review of the book! I had read another of Kings books before, The Green Mile and really enjoyed his writing style so I also expected to like this novel.… Continue reading It by Stephen King