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My favourite books growing up

I honestly can't picture what my life would be like without the many books I've found refuge in over the years. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about the ways reading has changed my life so it got me thinking about the books that really made me love reading and pretty much… Continue reading My favourite books growing up

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20 Questions Tag

It's been a little while since I've done a good old book tag so I thought I'd do this one as it had a good range of bookish questions and got me thinking! I always enjoy doing these tags so if you enjoy this post and feel like giving it a go as well, go… Continue reading 20 Questions Tag

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Reader Confessions Tag

I've been wanting to change my content up a bit and add a couple of tags a month so naturally I googled 'bookish tags 2019' and stumbled upon a wonderful book blog run by Nandini at Unputdownable Books . Full credit to her for sharing her answers for this tag, which inspired me to do… Continue reading Reader Confessions Tag

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Book Lovers Tag

Hi guys, Back at it again with another book tag, so hope you enjoy! I saw this tag over on another book blog and simply had to try it out! These questions were so much fun to answer and worked as a break from my constant essay writing. Consider all of you tagged if you'd… Continue reading Book Lovers Tag