Recently I went to Christopher’s and had the best french toast ever..seriously it was perfection on a plate. From the presentation to the most important aspect: the taste, it was amazing. I had to take small breaks as it was a really rich dish, due to the high quality milk chocolate, but I powered through … More Christopher’s

Las Iguanas

Hi guys, I went to Las Iguanas for dinner recently after hearing about it for a long time and I think it’s definitely worth a visit. The cuisine they serve is primarily South American. I had heard pretty mixed reviews about their food, but judging by my experience it’s all about what you order. They … More Las Iguanas

Pan n Ice ♡

Hi guys Recently I was at Westfield with my cousins and thought what better time to finally try the famous rolled ice cream. My decision may also have been based on how to appease my little brother and cousin, something sweet usually does the trick haha. If you’ve ever been to a busy shopping centre … More Pan n Ice ♡