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Q&A: Culture Eighteen

Hi guys,

Today on the blog we have Fy from Culture Eighteen who blogs about all things lifestyle and fitness related talking about her blogging journey. I really enjoy Fy’s content and especially following her over on Twitter, I appreciate how kind, welcoming and supportive she is. If you need help, Fy is one of those people who would definitely be willing to have a chat and I think she’s such a valuable part of the blogging community. I’m super happy to have her on my blog, so a big thank you to you Fy!

1.) Tell us all a bit about yourself!

I’m Fy, a 22-year-old fitness and lifestyle blogger; also writing about social issues, entertainment and reviews, conspiracy theories, health, self-growth and life journaling. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now, and have embraced it with life and my journey – through university, new jobs, accomplishments/milestones. Away from blogging, I love watching tv series, reading books, I really enjoy sports and fitness (a bit of a gym rat), but equally love chocolate and can eat an unhealthy number of crisps sometimes.

2.) What inspired you to create a Blog and/ or Youtube and share your content?

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and the autonomy gained from creating my own blog fed into that passion and gave me a personal drive. I had been pondering with the idea for a while and one evening created CultureEighteen and never looked back! My inspiration also mainly comes from the multitude of interests I hold and my blog ultimately became the canvas I expressed that on.

3.) What have been some of your highlights whilst blogging? 

I’m slowly inching towards 1,000 followers on my blog. Several posts have been engaged with by a few hundred people, across over 100 countries worldwide. I never would have imagined I’d reach quite a large audience, with several loyal readers who I’m so grateful to have. I’ve made genuine friendships through blogging too, which has been invaluable.

4.) I know it can feel strange re-reading your own work sometimes, but what’s one of your favourite posts you’ve written?

My (two) favourites would have to be inner critic and the lesser road. (sorry, I can’t choose). They touch upon, IMO, such important topics that need highlighting. Inner critic talks about the little negative voice we have inside. The lesser road touches upon casual racism and being made to feel like the ‘other’. I’m very proud of both the delivery of the posts and how well the messages have been received. It’s nice to know people appreciate the blog posts I put out there, especially when they’re personal.

5.) Is there anything that’s surprised you about blogging, anything you didn’t expect?

It’s much bigger than I had anticipated, and the industry itself is growing. I didn’t know you could make a career out of blogging and earn money – so that was surprising! Another thing I didn’t quite anticipate was how much of a community vibe there would be. You feel like you’re in a social bubble sometimes and it’s really nice.

6.) What keeps you motivated to continue blogging and creating?

Like all bloggers, my motivation dips and peaks and I’ve learnt that it’s completely normal. No blogger is motivated all the time. Though what keeps that motivation there, is that my blog is like a personal project of mine. I’ve put work into it, and I’d be interested to see what it can lead to in the future.

7.) Who are some of your favourite bloggers or content creators?

There are literally so many I admire in different ways. I genuinely have to start and say you! I appreciate your authenticity with your online delivery. Your book reviews are so engaging, and I often come away noting the book down to buy next. 

Shannon Valentine is one of my favourite mental health and lifestyle bloggers, not to mention she’s written her own book! We became friends a few years ago and maintained connected since. She’s passionate, bubbly and a brilliant writer.

WithLoveYossy is another personal favourite. Her niche is travel and lifestyle, but she features wider content too. She’s also an extremely talented photographer and I’m always mesmerised by the quality of her work.

8.) Your ultimate top tip to anyone thinking of starting a blog?

Just do it and/but be genuine with it. Have passion. Give yourself a drive. Keep writing and promoting; and don’t give up. It’s a journey so treat it as such. We all started from 0 followers and little to nobody engaging with our posts. But if you stay consistent, you will grow.

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Where to find Fy:

Twitter: @CultureEighteen

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

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