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Q&A Series: Hannah Kay Blogs

Hi guys,

This week on the blog we have Hannah Kersley from Hannah Kay Blogs, a lifestyle blogger whose content is so varied and interesting. Hannah blogs about everything from food, to beauty to blogging tips and tricks as well as self care and mental wellbeing. You know those bloggers who can do it all? Hannah is one of those awesome creators who can do it all. I hope you guys really enjoy reading about Hannah’s blogging journey and find yourself a new blog to read, you won’t regret it!

1.) Tell us all a bit about yourself!

Hey there, I’m Hannah Kay, I’m 22 years old and originally from a small village in-between Leeds and York, but currently living in Leicester as I’m in training to become a professional dancer. I’ve been blogging now 3 years and my word, it’s flown by. I only recently became self-hosted back at the end of April in the height of Lockdown in the UK. I thought it was such a perfect time to become self-hosted because of all the spare time I had that I could invest in my blog.

2.) What inspired you to create a Blog and/ or YouTube and share your content?

I had always been aware of bloggers/social media online presences from very early on in the whole time they’ve been around and never thought it’d be something I’d end up doing. I had a few friends that were blogging and sharing their content online and have been a fan of Zoe Sugg’s blog ‘Zoella’ for a long time. In the summer that I’d left high school which is now 6 years ago (time flies, ay?) I had so much time to do with what I liked as I awaited college to start. I took a huge leap of faith and started my blog (originally anonymous under the name of Rand0mg4l – later changed to Hannah Kay).

3.) What have been some of your highlights whilst blogging?

Personally, I count all the small wins as much as I do the big wins, so even getting my first 1000 views/visitors on my blog was the first thing. I’m also super happy that I hit 10,000 views just over a month ago! I’ve been fortunate to not have so much pressure on my blog and myself as a blogger, in which pushes me even more to produce the best content I can for my viewers. Getting my first few collaborations as a blogger/micro-influencer (on both my Blog and Instagram) was a big reality shock. The thought that a brand or company would want to send me gifts or work on content together was so lovely. Going self-hosted this year has been a huge milestone, it was a long-aggravating process (I got messed around a lot by different companies) but coming out the other end with a website I can fully call my own and use as a business now is so rewarding and even more motivating.

4.) I know it can feel strange re-reading your own work sometimes, but what’s one of your favourite posts you’ve written?

I’m not sure there’s just one, as I said previously I’m very proud of my content and especially those that can help people. I wrote a post about weight struggles ( when I first started blogging, but took a different view on the whole topic as I had always struggled to gain weight and I thought this was a topic very rarely spoke about in the ‘diet’ culture. I have also wrote a blog post (which I don’t personally read back) about a break up I went through in my first year of University ( and the response I got from that one in terms or support or that the post had helped other people potentially in the same situation, that was insanely rewarding.

5.) Is there anything that’s surprised you about blogging, anything you didn’t expect?

The community and support you receive from other bloggers. It’s so inspiring and heart-warming. I could go on and on about the people I’ve met and the amount of support I’ve received (mainly on Twitter) but we’d be here for hours. It’s honestly truly heart-warming to know I’m a part of a community who genuinely care and look out for each other so much.

6.) What keeps you motivated to continue blogging and creating?

I have said this time and time before, but I honestly believe my love for creation and the freedom in which I have to write about whatever I want makes me crave it. Like I’ve said in a blog post I wrote, giving advice to new bloggers; if you don’t love it, it will eat you up and it’ll feel like a chore. Doing something you love as a job, should be easy because it won’t feel like a job.

7.) Who are some of your favourite bloggers or content creators?

I funnily enough did a post about this not too long ago but some of my favourites at the moment have to be Maria J Blogs, Robyn Poppy and Jenny in Neverland. Their content is everything I aspire to produce. The amount of care, detail, and effort they put in really shows through and I get so motivated reading their content (no matter on which platform).

8.) Your ultimate top tip to anyone thinking of starting a blog?

Be prepared to do your research, put in the hard work, be patient and know it’s not an easy/quick process. But it’s worth it.

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Where you can find Hannah:

Instagram: @hannah.kay.k

Pinterest: @hannahkayblogs

Twitter: @hannahkayblogs

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

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