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Q&A Series: Jenny in Neverland

Hi guys,

Back at it with another interview and another amazing blogger for you all to meet and learn some more about. Today we have Jenny from Jenny in Neverland telling us a bit about herself, her journey as a blogger and more!

I’ve followed Jenny for a good few years now and I’m always blown away by her incredible work ethic and creativity. Her content ranges from lifestyle, product reviews, blogging tips as well as discussions on mental health and self care. I’m an avid reader of her blog and she’s always been supportive of my content as well as being one of the kindest people ever so I’m so excited to have her on my blog and taking part in this new series. I hope you guys are inspired by reading her answers and will go and check out her blog – it’s always brilliant!

1. Tell us all a bit about yourself!

Hi! Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog! I’m Jenny, I run the blog Jenny in Neverland, where I talk predominantly about well-being, mental health, personal growth and blogging. I’ve been blogging around 7 years, full-time for 2. I also have a book being published in September all about mental health and well-being. Blogging and writing takes up a HUGE portion of my life (lucky I love it so much!) but when I’m not creating content, I love Motosport, a good TV series (at the time of writing this I’m halfway through Desperate Housewives – one of my faves!), food (eating it and cooking it), reading and gaming.

2. What inspired you to create a Blog and/ or Youtube and share your content?

It seems like another lifetime ago now but I was inspired to start my blog because I was in a really dark place with my anxiety. I had just quit my college course (I wanted to be a teaching assistant but I absolutely despised the placement. I quickly learned that if you don’t particularly like kids, don’t work in a school!) because it was making me ill with anxiety. And I had absolutely nothing to do or look forward to. I couldn’t get a job because my mental health was so bad – it was a really dark time in my life.

But I still loved books and reading, then one day whilst looking for reviews of the book I was currently reading, I stumbled across a book blog and a light-bulb went on. I started my blog and the rest is history! My blog was a book review blog for a good few years before evolving into what it is today. 

3. What have been some of your highlights whilst blogging? (any achievements, personal milestones etc)

Oh my gosh, there’s SO MANY things I’m grateful for and have my blog to thank for it. It really has brought me so many opportunities I never thought I’d have. Having a book published all about my own mental health journey and well-being this year has definitely got to be a highlight because I’m just blown away that someone enjoyed my blog enough to trust me with their time and money to want to publish something written by me. 

I’m also so grateful for some of the press trips I’ve been lucky enough to have. Visiting the Brooklands Hotel and Spa last January was a real highlight because it was such a luxurious stay. I also visited The Ferry House Inn this year for a 2 night break which was outstanding and I’m so grateful for the hospitality from the venue who were incredible. That was definitely a highlight. 

4. I know it can feel strange re-reading your own work sometimes, but what’s one of your favourite posts you’ve written?

I re-read some of my old posts sometimes when I’m changing something in them I seriously want to cry with how cringe some of them are haha! I have over a thousand posts so it’s really hard to choose. My two posts I created for The Ferry House Inn are some of my favourite travel posts I’ve written – especially the food one. Don’t read it if you’re hungry! I also collaborated with the pet food brand James Wellbeloved this year on a campaign around the time of Crufts and as sponsored content goes, I’m really proud of that one. Another favourite of mine, which is surprising because it’s pretty random in that it doesn’t REALLY fit in to any of my main niches is my post I wrote in January around sustainable fashion and the fact I was embarking on a year of sustainable fashion. 

5. Is there anything that’s surprised you about blogging, maybe anything you didn’t expect?

I think because I started SO long ago and I also didn’t really have any idea what I was doing at the beginning either, for a few years, EVERYTHING surprised me about blogging. I didn’t realise blogging was such a huge industry where people made actual money and had actual careers. It took me years to really learn that. 

6. What keeps you motivated to continue blogging and creating?

Well now that blogging is my full-time job, that certainly keeps me motivated because well, I need to be motivated! But ultimately I absolutely love helping people and sharing my advice and my stories and having that person comment to say that they relate to it or that it’s helped them in some way. I think blogging is a great platform for your person development too. You’re always working on yourself; your writing, your photography, your editing or learning a new skill. That keeps me motivated too – knowing the possibilities are endless. 

7. Who are some of your favourite bloggers or content creators?

This is a horrible question because there’s so many I couldn’t possibly name them all! Well to start with, you of course! I absolutely love your book reviews and you have such a way of instantly drawing me into a book you’re talking about!

Absolutely Lucy is my favourite travel blogger. I’ve followed her more or less since the start and I’ve been so in awe of her for so many years. A few years ago she dropped everything – her jobs, her family, her boyfriend – to follow her dream and travel the world and she hasn’t stopped since. Her hard working nature and passion for travel is palpable. 

Chapters of May is a new favourite of mine. She features a lot of book related content too and her photography is absolutely beautiful. I also love Bethany from Adventure and Anxiety, Sophie from Glow Steady and Chloe from Lady Writes. To name a small few!

8. Your ultimate top tip to anyone thinking of starting a blog?

Be passionate. Just be so bloody passionate about what you’re writing because trust me when I say that passion shows. Passion flows through the screen. Don’t just write about something because you’ve seen 10 other bloggers write about it and think it might get you views. Especially when you’re first starting out. Just find the things you love more than anything and expand on those. Everything else will fall into place. And another top tip would be to ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT. 

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I hope you guys really enjoyed reading Jenny’s answers and got some inspiration if you’re thinking of starting a blog, thinking of going full time or perhaps even some new posts to add to your reading list! I want to give a big thank you to Jenny again for taking part and sharing her experiences with us all, I really appreciate it.

Where to find Jenny:

Twitter: @jennymarston_xo

Facebook: Jennyinneverland

Instagram: @jennyinneverland

Pinterest: @jeninneverland

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

How to help support the Black Lives Matter movement:

This is a really helpful site which is updated frequently and has the links to donate, sign petitions, mental health resources for BIPOC, educational resources and resources for protesters. Please check it out and see how you can help.

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