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Announcement: Q&A with a blogger series!

Hi guys,

So by the title, you’ll know what this post is about but I’m going to go into a bit more detail about it and do a proper announcement because I’m so excited! Interviewing fellow bloggers on this space has been one of my blogging goals for the past years but I just never felt ready to make it happen. However, this year I have the time and drive to finally do it and amazing people willing to take part.

I tweeted about this idea out of the blue, hoping even one person would reply and be interested but to my surprise (and great happiness) a lot more people were up for it. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a response so it was quite overwhelming – in the best way! So the very same night, I got bloggers who were interested to send me their details drafted some questions and devised a schedule.

So now you have the backstory, I wanted to ‘formally’ say, that from the 10th of June, I’ll have an interview with a different blogger going up each week, on a Wednesday! Depending on what the blogger in questions, content is about, the questions will differ. So if the blogger primarily talks about books then it will be more bookish questions, if the blogger writes about travel or lifestyle, then the questions will be more tailored to that niche.

I hope you guys are excited about this new content I have coming up and enthusiastic about discovering some new favourites. Trust me, they’re all so awesome so I think there will be a blog or youtube to fit everyones interests!

If you’d like to take part then feel free to send me an email expressing interest or send me a DM via Twitter!

Until next time,


9 thoughts on “Announcement: Q&A with a blogger series!

  1. SO VERY EXCITED! I’m sure you’ll be bringing so many amazing bloggers to the spotlight and I can’t wait to read the voices and perspectives of these bloggers. ❤

  2. I love that you’re doing a blogger interview series. It is always nice to learn about bloggers. As the blogging community grow, it’s nice to learn about other bloggers. Hope you’ll enjoy writing the series! Let me know if you need someone, looking forward to seeing this series grow!

    Nancy ♥

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