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My favourite books growing up – part two

I wrote part one of this post in mid November and I realised I had left out a lot of books I enjoyed growing up so I knew I had to write a second instalment in this little series. As I mentioned in that post, books were a vital ingredient in my life and still are so I love to reminisce and retrace my journey as a reader from time to time. Hope you guys will find some of your favourites on this list or even discover some new ones!

*All links in this post will take you to Goodreads pages for these books*

The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence

I recently saw these books at work and I can’t believe I somehow forgot they existed! I absolutely loved these books and the TV adaptation which was broadcast on CBBC. The series follows four children as they solve mysteries and embark on thrilling adventures, set against the backdrop of Ancient Rome. I remember really enjoying the different characters; Flavia, Nubia, Jonathan and Lucas as well as the way history and fiction was interwoven. Perhaps this is where my fascination *cough* obsession with the Ancient world started.

Thomas / The Deptford Histories Trilogy by Robin Jarvis

I was so obsessed with these books which followed three standalone tales which are each so dark and intriguing. The characters are all animals – I’m realising I read a lot of novels with animal characters when I was younger, whereas now I just don’t? Either way these books were so good, I remember loving Thomas in particular, it was so heart wrenching! It deals with the age old battle between good and evil with magic, spells and other witchy stuff involved.

Redwall series by Brian Jaques

This series is so epic and well written and I still have the whole collection today, I have such fond memories of these characters and the rich history of the world Jaques created. Again, all the characters are animals; mice, otters, moles, squirrels, hares to name a few. Jaques writing is so descriptive and well crafted, I remember these novels always made me super hungry because his descriptions of the food were excellent – I always wanted to try the cheese and nut scones and the flans and breads haha.

Jaqueline Wilson books

I’m actually legitimately ashamed of myself for not including Jaqueline Wilsons books on the first part of this post considering how much I loved her books. I was an actual collector and I watched every film or TV adaptation of her books as well haha, I feel like it’s a 2000’s British girl rite of passage to read Jaqueline Wilsons novels. I honestly can’t pick a favourite from her huge repertoire of books, but some of my top choices are: The Story of Tracy Beaker, Best Friends, Midnight and The Illustrated Mum. I think her books were so important and timely as they touched on so many issues such as neglect, mental illness domestic abuse, family relationships and so much more, in a way that imparted knowledge but wasn’t too heavy either.

Roald Dahl books

I think his name speaks for itself but I loved how imaginative and vibrant Dahls books are and how they always have a moral message. My favourite has got to be Matilda though, I just love how it’s such a simple story of a girl who loves to read, coming in to her own and harnessing her powers and finding people who love and understand her. I think we all wish we had a teacher like Miss Honey and also had telekinetic powers, I know I sure did! There’s so much that can be taken from this beautiful tale, if you’re not much of a reader but still want to enjoy this classic story then the film adaptation is just as heartwarming.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery

Given the recent Netflix adaptation of this show and it’s popularity, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the novel and how I would carry it with me everywhere. It follows the story of young Anne Shirley as she is taken in by the Cuthberts, an older couple. Anne has an incredibly vivid imagination and gets into all sorts of mischief through the course of the novel. It’s such an idyllic read and totally sucks you in to the little world, that Montgomery has created.

What were some of your favourite books growing up? Have you read any of the ones on this list? Would love to chat in the comments!

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

9 thoughts on “My favourite books growing up – part two

  1. I loved Roald Dahl books growing up too and it’s funny reading them again as an adult. I also loved books by Judy Blume, though this was mainly from aged 12 – helped me a lot growing up. And another book I liked was Charlotte’s Web, always liked those sorts of stories. Another great post, thanks for sharing x

  2. I absolutely loved Jacqueline Wilson books when I was younger. I couldn’t wait for a new one to be released and would read them under the duvet with a torch when I was supposed to be asleep! Matilda was one of my faves too. I used to go around the house willing my powers to work haha

    Emily x

  3. Oh gosh Jacqueline Wilson was my absolute favourite – I had so many of her books and re-read them over and over again. Particularly Sleepovers! You know I wouldn’t mind re-reading some of them now, as an adult! x

  4. I just reread The Story of Tracy Beaker last year and I think I want to try and reread more of her other books because I’m sure that, once again, I’ll be able to have a better understanding of the underlying themes.

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