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Five ways reading changed my life

The other day I ran a poll on twitter asking my fellow bloggers and readers what they’d like to see next on my blog and the highest percentage voted in favour of this post: Why I’m a reader. So I’ve decided to give the people what they want and post this today.

Just to give you a little of my reading history: Ever since the time first I learnt to read, I was obsessed. If you ask any of my family members they’ll all be able to tell you that you would never find me without a book in hand, no matter where I was. I’d go to my relatives houses and be reading whatever books they had to hand, from scientific encyclopaedias to memoirs and true stories. I’m really lucky to have parents which encouraged my love of reading and nurtured me.

I just loved books, no matter if they were fiction or non fiction. I’d be so excited to go to the library and find some new books, I remember literally getting butterflies, that’s how exciting I found it. That pure love of reading has always been a prominent feature in my life, to this day, as you have probably guessed as you’re reading this on my blog which is dedicated to books! It all comes full circle and I can’t imagine myself or the type of person I’d be, if I didn’t love reading. I can pinpoint a few ways in which reading has both changed my life for the better and who I am as a person which you’ll find below.

1.) Made me more open minded – Reading the massive variety of books I have read has allowed me to become a lot more open minded and aware of other peoples experiences and realities. Literature allows so many peoples voices to be heard and that’s truly amazing to me. There are books which tackle serious social issues through fiction, such as The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas or A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini to name just two of my favourites. Books like these allow people in all walks of life to connect and be moved, to gain knowledge and get passionate about injustice, and that’s so vital to me.

2.) Improved my vocabulary and writing – I genuinely believe my vocabulary and writing would be nowhere near as good if I didn’t read as much as I do. Every time I read, I learn new and incredible words which I simply wouldn’t know otherwise. Words like loquacious, mellifluous and fortuitous to name a few of my personal favourites. I really want to start writing down words I love and creating a little glossary for myself, if I didn’t study literature at University, I’d have loved to study etymology. I’m fascinated by words, their origins and how they can have such a powerful meaning.

3.) Makes me feel happy and less alone – Even when I’m having a really crappy day, reading one of my favourite stories or indulging in some good old fanfiction can change my mood. Sometimes I deliberately seek out sad books so I can cry and get all my emotions out and it’s so cathartic. While I read a lot and since I’m an emotional and sensitive person by nature, it doesn’t take a lot to get me going but I love when I find a book which really resonates with me. It’s such an indescribable feeling when you read what someone else has written and feel completely understood, you realise that there is someone out there who feels just how you do. You realise that your feelings are valid and important.

4.) Gives me an escape – I think every one is prone to indulge in a bit of escapism now and then but for me, books are the very best kind. It sounds cheesy but reading really does allow you to live all kinds of different lives, travel to distant lands and engage in all sorts of fantastical adventures.

5.) Gives me direction or purpose – While I still feel kind of lost at times and like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in terms of my career, reading centres me. For a short time I thought I wanted to be a doctor and medicine was my path, that is until I took triple science for my GCSE’s and found that I was not scientifically inclined whatsoever. The only class I consistently enjoyed was English and it dawned on me that literature was my path. I still don’t know exactly what capacity I could work in publishing yet but I’m confident that it’s the field for me. So if there any lovely people who work in publishing reading this, let me know if you have any advice or tips for a graduate!

Hope you guys enjoy learning a bit more about me and why I love reading so much. Do you enjoy reading? If so, has it changed your life in any way? Let me know in the comments, would love to have a chat.

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

39 thoughts on “Five ways reading changed my life

  1. I relate to all of the reasons, especially the one about reading making you more open-minded. In Romania, there are not that many POC or LGBTQ+, so I wasn`t fully aware of the discrimination they face. Obviously, I had some ideas, but reading from the POV of people that faced those adversities…it was eye-opening. Now every time I go back home, I bring with me books that I found challenging and gift them to friends. It`s a small step, but hopefully reading them will make them more aware.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your experience and how it’s changed your life in small ways – it’s amazing that you take the time to gift books and try and raise awareness with those around you. As a POC myself, I really appreciate that 😊

  2. Actually, one of my goals is read MORE & MORE! I really enjoy it & Khaled Hosseini’s books are my fave! I actually cried when I read a thousand splendid suns.. great post! Thanks for sharing 😀 it motivated me to read more! 😉 have a lovely day ❤

  3. Reading is defo an escape for me and is something I’m still growing with – I always try read a book once a month but life gets in the way etc but recently my boyfriend purchased a kindle for me and I’m noticing that I’m reading much quicker and excited to find another!

    Jessica & James |

  4. I definitely agree with it helping me feel less alone – it’s like getting lost in a world and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. For me, it’s like an escape from reality. I also definitely noticed my vocabulary and spelling going downhill during the few years I stopped reading as much. Great post x

  5. I can totally relate. I was never a huge reader until high school and then I fell in love with it. Reading is such a great escape, it completely improved my writing and it always makes me happy.

    Casey |

  6. Reading is defo an escape for me and is something I’m still growing with – I always try read a book once a month but life gets in the way etc but recently my boyfriend purchased a kindle for me and I’m noticing that I’m reading much quicker and excited to find another!

    Jessica & James |

    1. That’s amazing – kindles are such a good way to get reading in during busy days as they’re so portable and battery life is great too! Hope you find some really good reads and enjoy your reading experiences

  7. I love to read. I love summer holidays as its the time of year I time to get read so much. I wish children saw the incredible value of reading. I am only as articulate as I am because I read x

  8. I really love this. I think it’s great to think about how something as “simple” as reading can have such a positive effect on your life. I feel the same way with majority of what you put. It definitely helps me to not feel so alone. I’m glad you’re a reader 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a nice and thoughtful comment. It’s definitely some of the simple things in life which are the most enjoyable for sure ☺️

  9. Awh I love this post so much! And can agree with so many of your points. I’ve been a huge reader since I was a kid. My mum got me into reading, would read to me loads and I used to take part in reading challenges at my local library. Although I don’t read as much now as I used to, books still hold such a special place in my heart. My favourite books, which I can re-read over and over are SUCH a comfort to me. It’s like visiting an old friend with some of the characters x

  10. I agree with all of these! I love that moment when you finish a book and realise it’s opened your eyes to something you’d never considered or changed your perspective on something. It’s such a great way to escape too. A vocabulary increase is a nice bonus too x


  11. I feel for you on not knowing what you’re doing yet with your career. I’m the age most people would be in college but while I’m certain if I went I’d go for English, I’m uncertain if I want to spend the time and money for it. Not certain if it’ll go anywhere. It can be scary. None if this was cheesy at all! I love books fiercely and would be the first to agree with you that there’s nothing quite like them.

    1. It’s totally normal to feel uncertain and a bit scared, I used to think by my 20’s I’d have everything figured out and it’s always portrayed that way but honestly, I’m still figuring it out and so are sooo many other people. Wishing you all the best in your future and whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll do great things! If you need any help in terms of studying English then feel free to reach out (: I graduated last year so perhaps I can be of some help.

  12. I totally agree with you on a lot of these points. Athough I didn’t read much younger due to the lack of English books in my libraries, I still treated myself to buying books from time to time and gosh it always felt great. Good luck in your career love ❤️❤️

  13. I can certainly relate to your post. I lived a block from the library when growing up. It was my favorite place to visit. My beloved books made me the person I am today.

  14. Books have been my safe space growing up. They allowed me to become open minded and experience amazing adventures. It was my escape, the one constant in my life.

    I also feel as if it helps keep my mind sharp, always imagining new possibilities.

    Fantastic post

  15. Yes to everything in this post! I remember reading George by Alex Gino and I absolutley loved how the author portrayed George and her feelings. I also learned so much about different cultures and how people from different countries see things. I love that about reading.

    And of course .. the escapism!

    1. I haven’t read that book but it sounds great, it’s always nice when you feel connected to a character and their feelings as well as finding out so much more. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  16. This post is so relatable! I had the same feeling from when I first learned to read. My fondest early memories are my weekly trips to the library with my grandfather, and even though I don’t remember much from when I was little, I remember that tiny library and how nice and inviting it was and the people in it. :3

    I love etymology, too! I’m always excited to find new words in books, and that’s part of the reason I love reading books from other cultures, is to discover new ways to say things (although, like you also said, expanding borders and learning about other peoples’ experiences is another big plus in that).

    Love the escape, too. It’s why I read a lot of fantasy. Such a great post!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a lovely comment – it’s so sweet that you have such fond memories of visiting the library with your grandfather, that’s so beautiful.

      Happy to hear you get me on the whole etymology front and getting a little escape from the world through fantasy, it’s such a brilliant genre ☺️

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