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The Immortal City by Amy Kuivalainen

n the heart of Venice, a woman is sacrificed to a forgotten god, sparking a mystery lost for thousands of years.

Dr. Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the remnants of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged. Little does she know, Alexis has spent the last three years doing his best to sabotage Penelope’s career so doesn’t learn the truth—Atlantis had seven magicians who survived, and who he has a duty to protect.

As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to find the answers she seeks.

With the new MOSE system due to come online, and Carnivale exploding around them, Penelope and Alexis will have to work together to stop the killer and prevent dark magic from pulling Venice into the sea.

Publishing date: September 19th 2019

My thoughts

*I received a free kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Simply put; I loved this book and everything about it. From reading the synopsis alone, I thought I would enjoy it but I wasn’t prepared for just how much. I literally read this in a day, I could not put it down! I really tried to pace my reading but it was utterly unputdownable. Now I’m suffering from a major case of anticipation waiting for the sequel!

The Immortal City has everything I enjoy in a fantasy novel: ancient civilisations, magic and sorcery as well as a sizzling hot romance to top it all off. Much like the protagonist Penelope Bryne, I’ve always been deeply fascinated by ancient civilisations like Atlantis, Ancient Greece and Ancient Mesopotamia to name a few. So it was really interesting to see the way Amy Kuivalainen explores the myth of Atlantis and makes it her own. It was clear from the level of detail how much research and consideration has gone into the story. From the description of the venetian architecture, to the costumes and jewellery, it was so rich and informative. You can definitely feel Kuvalainens’ passion for history and culture throughout the novel which really heightened the experience for me.

As well as the fantasy and magical aspect, I also enjoyed the police investigation parts of the novel where the detectives try and figure out who the serial killer is. It was also made more interesting by the fact that we got to read through the perspective of the killer at certain points and it was creepy and the cult like aspect was reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code for me. It was entertaining reading as Detective Marco tries to figure out who the killer is, we follow him through the streets of Venice and the disturbing crime scenes.

Additionally, there is a romantic plot throughout the story which tied it all off for me. When Penelope meets Alexis Donato, they have an instant attraction but through the course of the novel it grows into something much deeper and more substantial. While it did feel a bit cliche at times, it wasn’t a negative to me. I liked Alexis’ backstory and his relationship with the other characters as well, it gave him more depth and I look forward to the sequel so we can find out more about his life. I love stories with characters who have lived through different time periods and the way that Kuivalainen merged fact and fiction here was great.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Immortal City and can’t wait to read the sequel already. It was the perfectly balanced story for me and I liked that it totally transported me to the streets of Venice and it was fun imagining this secret underworld stemming from the legend of Atlantis.

★★★★ – 4 Star Rating

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

6 thoughts on “The Immortal City by Amy Kuivalainen

    1. Thank you for reading ☺️ & hmm…there’s quite a few I like to read during summer but off the top of my head: The summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han, An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen and Call me by your name by Andre Aciman ☺️

  1. oh my gosh this sounds like an amazing book! I’m definitely going to have to check this out. Like you, I love stuff about mysterious ancient civilisations, and this sounds right up my street. Great review!

  2. Sounds like an interesting read, I definitely got a Dan Brown vibe from the synopsis at the beginning of the blog post, it’s interesting that there is a combination of fiction and non-fiction here, and I really enjoyed your review!

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