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Being a Blogger Series: Is being relatable important?

Hi guys,

This post is the first in a series that I’m starting called ‘Being a Blogger’ – where I’ll discuss all the common issues that come with blogging and within the community. There are a lot of issues that I thought about starting off with but this one came to the forefront immediately as it’s a topic that comes up a lot these days. Should bloggers be relatable? Do they have to be?

I find this question really interesting and I thought I’d share my thoughts. We’ve all seen people we follow post really beautiful pictures and feel a bit of disappointment or a sense of failure that our lives aren’t like that. I know a huge goal of mine is to travel, and when I see travel bloggers jet off what seems like every few weeks, it does make me a bit disheartened that I can’t do those things at the moment.

These kind of posts or pictures do incite these feelings at times but I never let them get out of control, I try and put the situation into perspective and realise that those are crafted posts and not always a full representation of a persons life. I don’t think everyone is able to make this separation though and it can have really negative effects. This also leads to the question, do bloggers have a responsibility to their readers? I think partly yes, as I think people should be honest and not  deliberately mislead what may be impressionable readers. However, at the same time, a reader also can’t expect or put too much pressure on a blogger. I think it’s a mixed bag really and there’s no one answer.

I know personally I find it hard to relate to some bloggers who have very different lifestyles to my own. As a student I look for people in their 20’s blogging about topics which fit my interests, whether this be mental health, book or movie reviews or cheap eats in London. I find a lot of bloggers only post about very expensive brands or luxury getaways which are just not my cup of tea – although of course I still respect them and appreciate them as members of the blogging community.

Just like my own posts, I edit them and put the ‘highlight’ reel on to my Instagram: days out, nice food I eat, outfits, pictures of my friends. I don’t always share everything on social media, but that’s because I’m a very private person and I don’t feel comfortable sharing all the ups and downs of my life on the internet but that’s just personal preference. I don’t try and make my life appear perfect though or try and be misleading. I do want to try sharing more personal experiences over time though so being more transparent online is something I’m working on.

What are your experiences with sharing online? Is ‘being relatable’ something you look for in bloggers?

Until next time,

Rumaanah x

7 thoughts on “Being a Blogger Series: Is being relatable important?

  1. I understand it’s natural to only show our ‘perfect aspects’ and honestly, I think that’s because not many want to see ‘everyday life’. I do however like to see a little bit of reality as I like to see the person behind the blog.
    Fab post.

  2. I love both the idea for this series, and the topic of this particular post. Being relatable is something I tend to look for, particularly with style blogs. Often, I’m reading for ideas and inspiration, and if I can’t apply the ideas, it just sort of makes me feel bad. Also, I don’t much like reading posts that are clearly just sponsored content, with no personality coming through. Can’t relate to those at all, because I can’t see anything if the person behind the post!


    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed reading! & I totally understand what you mean, I like to connect with what I read whatever the topic is, especially with style blogs I like seeing the individual shine through xx

  3. This is such an interesting topic! I think I do look for some way to relate to a blogger, as some feel like robots on a screen and others (whose blogs I actually enjoy) feel like I actually know them x

  4. I completely agree! I often am unsure of what to post on my Instagram. So many different bloggers post amazing pictures where they travel and have so many different outfits, it’s so cool to see how different people approach blogging

  5. I totally agree with you – I do sometimes get the feeling of how is my life not like that whenever I see bloggers going on vacations every other week. I think on one hand, bloggers should show a bit more of their life to make it more realistic but at the same time to each their own.

    I also find myself more interested in reading blogs written by people who may also be students themselves or similar age to me – I feel like the bloggers who are more on the expensive side with luxury getaways don’t really appeal to me.

    I’d say the only thing bloggers should be is true to themselves – if they want to share their personal life that’s cool but keeping a tight lid on it is cool too – to each their own 🙂


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