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‘The Parlour’ ♡

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all having a great day and for those of you in the UK hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather we’re having! Due to this weather and because we were overdue a catch up, me and a friend decided to go out for brunch. My friend Farhana was actually the one who suggested this place and I have to say it was a very good choice.

‘The Parlour’ is a really cute little place located on Church Street in Stoke Newington which has a great and varied menu. Upon first walking in, the staff were friendly and seated us straight away. We chose to sit in the ‘garden’ area which had an open roof and the sunlight streaming in made for a really beautiful interior. I had a craving for pancakes so decided on the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ pancakes and Farhana went for the Veggie Pancakes. They have a variety of savoury options but I really wanted something refreshing with berries and ice cream.

some of the interior
Peek at the menu

Our food came pretty fast and we were impressed by the presentation and portion sizes – it definitely filled us up. Take a look below and see how appetising the food looked, it tasted just as good! The pancakes were super fluffy with the perfect amount of maple syrup and icing sugar, so it doesn’t taste too sweet. The berries and icecream combo are a classic and I really enjoyed my dish. With the Veggie pancakes, you get three pancakes two eggs, vegetarian sausage, hashbrowns and crushed avocado alongside maple syrup to garnish. I think both the dishes are good value for money as it was both tasty and filling without being too much.

Veggie pancakes + Marilyn Monroe pancakes…YUM!

I would also like to comment on the great service we received, the waitress who took our order was really friendly and she made sure we enjoyed our experience there. From taking our order to when we wanted the bill she was so lovely and I will be coming back. I would definitely recommend taking a visit and seeing what you think! I think next time I visit I’ll try a savoury dish, maybe with some sweet potato fries because I’m addicted…

Until next time, Rumaanah x

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