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Farm Girl Cafe ♡

Hi guys,

Yesterday me and one of my friends Hodan, decided to go and check out Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill. It was a perfectly British day…impending rain, windy and cloudy as anything but regardless we made the trip. It was definitely worth the struggle. It’s easy to see why people flock to this area as it’s so pretty and has those famous pastel houses you see all over instagram. The fact that the movie Notting Hill which stars Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant is also based here, adds some charm. It’s basically a bloggers paradise, since there are so many perfect photo backdrops, if I was a fashion blogger, I’d definitely do a shoot there. We didn’t walk through Portobello Road Market but maybe next time.

One of the unique things about Farm Girl is that they make the rose latte, which we both wanted to try. We had also seen and heard that the berry pancakes were really tasty, as well as being a healthier option for this classic treat. We both went for the same order and I have to say the service and atmosphere was really good, the waiters were really friendly and accommodating. Kudos to them, it made our visit even nicer. We probably looked crazy as we decided to sit outside despite impending doom aka the rain, but do it for the gram right? I can imagine that during the summer, this is the perfect place to get a cool drink and relax, as the courtyard is really nice and as a bonus also great for pictures.

Berry Pancakes in all their glory
Close up of the Rose Latte w/ some instax mini shots I took

Our pancakes and lattes came pretty fast, and the presentation was great. The pancakes looked super appetising and they lived up to the hype. They were fluffy and the maple syrup and berries were a perfect combination, alongside the toasted nuts. The pancakes were on the pricy side but it’s to be expected since it is in central London and as I mentioned before, made with healthy and high quality ingredients. I have to be honest though and mention that I wasn’t as big a fan of the rose latte, maybe it’s an aquired taste so unfortunately I didn’t finish it. That’s probably just my opinion but I would definitely recommend the pancakes as part of a brunch date. I’m planning to go back for sure, as the food and service was great. There’s a lot to do within the surrounding area so it’s easy to make a day of it and explore. Notting Hill Gate station is also a few minutes walk so you can get around pretty easily.

Farm Girl Cafe Website – All the details including address + menu here!                                                     

Hope you enjoyed this post + if you go to Farm Girl, or have been already, let me know what you thought!

Until next time, Rumaanah x




2 thoughts on “Farm Girl Cafe ♡

    1. It really is such a pretty little cafe, would definitely recommend a visit if you haven’t been! & thank you so much lovely , that means a lot! Just followed you on instagram ( I don’t have bloglovin haha) ♡ xx

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