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My BlogCon LDN experience ♡

Hi guys,

Yesterday was genuinely one of the most fun and great experiences; BlogCon London! I’m fairly new to the whole networking and meeting fellow bloggers so I really want to get out there and challenge myself. Sometimes social settings can get a bit overwhelming or make my anxiety sky rocket but I’m pleased to say this didn’t stop me from enjoying my day at all and I was just really in the moment. (excuse my phrasing) A huge thanks to Scarlett for organising this event and putting so much thought into it, it was genuinely so lovely.

One of my friends and fellow bloggers introduced me to BlogCon a few weeks ago, I was immediately interested and then decided to purchase a ticket. I am so glad I did! As soon as we walked in to the event we were greeted by the friendly brand reps and other bloggers. I really have to emphasise how nice everyone was. Guaranteed, anyone you spoke to there was super approachable and it was so lovely to connect with them and hear about their blogs. Everyone had a different angle and had their own unique views and content which was great to see.

It also made me feel less alone that I’m not solely a beauty or fashion blogger, as a lot of people I talked to wrote a little bit of everything – just like me. I went with my friend Humaira  (1weekmary)  and met some new friends who also blog, Maryam (The Real Maryam) and Sabeehah (Busy Bees Life). They have awesome posts so go check them out as well. The day was even more fun as we got to chill and get to know each other.

The first brand we spoke to was Jouvé, a skincare company that focuses on a number of serums which both brighten and tighten your skin. I got to use a little of the brightening serum which I was told had vitamin C and I could genuinely see the difference when I tried it on my hand. It also smelt really good, one of the reps there Scott, was a personal trainer I believe, and he gave us some tips for weight loss and general wellbeing. We left our details with them for further contact and on we went to the next table.

There was such variety in the brands that were there so it was really interesting to learn about their different ethos and products. The bags and products from Chi Chi clothing were so pretty, think the perfect pastel and floral creations. I took soo many pictures that it was hard to narrow them down for this post to be honest.

Chi Chi clothings’ display
Some of the beautiful dresses
Legit thought this was Sophie Turner from GOT…

Another really nicely put together brand table was the Johnny loves Rosie table. Their jewellery was also pretty and I’m going to take a look on their website as I have a few weddings coming up too. I’ve also been looking for a nice new watch, JLR had a good few potential choices.IMG_7120IMG_7121

At the Lipivir stand as well as the rep Rosie, being super fun to chat to and introducing us to what Lipivir does. There was also a makeup artist who was applying lipstick to people and making custom shades from the amazing quality lipsticks; Chanel amongst others. Lipivir also had some Lolas cupcakes on offer, good marketing technique for sure! Alongside the Lolas cupcakes there was also some cans from Green Cola which I definitely took advantage of, as it was so warm inside. There were also other makeup artists around and nail artists too, as well people braiding hair.



Another brand / company I loved speaking to was Love Inc, who had a wide range of stuff on display from candles, to art work and the very photogenic neon lights. I got to talk to one of the designers who helps create the fonts and it was really interesting to hear about the process behind the products as well as the aesthetic part of it. IMG_7174

Some of the bespoke neon signs – totally customisable
Loved these candles, cute quotes and nice scents too

As well as having their goods on display, Love Inc also had a ‘make your own flatlay’ section. There was an actual line to have a chance, they had different backdrops, props and little quotes which made for a really nice shot. It was also a really creative and fun thing to do, so props to them for the idea! This is another thing I really liked about the event, there were so many things to do and keep busy with.

Me and my friends attempt at a cute flat lay!

As well Love Inc offering something unique, as a lot of the brands were fashion or beauty related. There was an Australian brand called STM which had amazing quality laptop and phone cases. I had such an enjoyable chat with their rep and she was so genuinely excited to speak to me, which was really sweet. I’m going to be buying one of their laptop cases for sure, as I always take my laptop to uni and I’m always scared of it breaking somehow. Their cases have this super soft lining and is lightweight, a definite plus.

I found that there were a lot of brands which had natural or organic products and I really liked the chance to find some new ones. One which I was immediately drawn to was Lolas Apothecary. They offer handmade and natural ingredient based products, I tried the rose infused chocolate and it tasted amazing. As well having their products on display and getting to talk to Lola herself, there were also pretty flower crowns and a backdrop for a cute photo op. With this and the flatlay, they definitely created a bloggers heaven.

Amazing hamper that was up for grabs!
‘Queen of Roses’ chocolate bar samples

Once we had been round to the majority of the brands and spoken to quite a few bloggers, we decided to call it a day and head out to eat. It was an amazing event and I would definitely recommend bloggers and non bloggers alike to attend, if you’re just starting out or if you’re more established. It is such a good networking opportunity and to be honest, it was just really fun. Being surrounded by so many like minded people, people who write for fun or who have made a business out of it, was super inspiring.

Okay…now on to the goodie bags! When I say that they were great, I mean GREAT. The brands were soo generous and I have so many products waiting to be used right now. I am excited and may do mini reviews eventually!

Contents of the Scarlett goody bag: Whiteglo teeth whitening kit, Regenerate toothpaste, Got2b dry shampoo, Schwarzkopf pastel hair spray, 2 shoe sizers, a bag of Pop Chips, a protein bar and a funkin cocktails mojito mix (which I already used LOL)
Chi Chi LDN goody bag: Cadence lace choker and a retro sweet bag
Exuviance goody bag: Body Polishing Masque + Bionic Eye Creme
Merumaya Cleansing Balm + Face decor by Johnny Loves Rosie

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I’ve spent my morning excitedly editing pictures and getting this churned out haha, I really liked writing this one and I know I’ll come back to this post as it’s such a good memory.

Let me know if you’ve been to any cool blogger events and what your favourite part is!

Until next time, Rumaanah x












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