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My top picks on Netflix

Hi guys,

I know the struggle of trying to choose what to watch on Netflix, all too well. Most of the time, trying to find something takes so long that you just give up altogether and put the TV on defeated. So I thought why not make a post about my top picks, hopefully I can help some of you out and introduce you to some cool shows. I tried to stick to shows which you can only find on Netflix, partly to make it easier for me to narrow this list down otherwise it would be way too long! ^^ So here we go! In no particular order because I’m indecisive (and watch way too much tv)

  • Stranger Things – so by now I think we’ve all seen the series back to front and are aware of how good it is, but in case you haven’t then definitely take a watch. It’s got all the elements of the best 80’s movies; a group of kids who are outsiders, who get wrapped up in an adventure and crazy stuff happens, involving a girl with telekinetic powers…trust me, you won’t regret watching. It’s got such a talented cast and it really does draw you in, give it a chance and it will have you eagerly awaiting season 2 which is going to be released in October. (I’m so impatient) netflix-stranger-things-poster
  • Riverdale- So this show is fairly new and an episode is released weekly. It originates from the Archie comics, which I was vaguely familiar with but deviates from the comics too from what I know. It centres in, you guessed it a town called Riverdale and the suspicious murder of the golden boy character Jason Blossom. Each week you get a new piece of the puzzle and learn more about each of the main characters. It’s a really aesthetically pleasing show, if such a thing exists and I’m really loving it, each week it gets better and better! It’s also really socially aware which also makes me appreciate it. My favourite character at the moment is Jughead, played by Cole Sprouse, I really connect with his character since he has a dark sense of humour and he’s also writing a novel. I also like the fact that unlike most tv shows based on a teen cast, the parents aren’t just never around, they’re also directly involved + have compelling stories of their own. riverdale
  • The Get Down – Now I’m really not a fan of shows that involve a lot of music and musicals in general really, but this show was the exception to the rule. It is so well put together and I found myself binge watching the whole season in a few days. It’s set in the 1970’s in the South Bronx and focuses on a group of teenagers, each of whom have big dreams of making it in the music business and also encompasses the rise of hip hop. I also liked the fact that it doesn’t shy away from addressing race, gender and sexuality and has a diverse cast of really talented actors, including Jaden Smith who do the storylines justice. You’ll find yourself really rooting for these characters and getting attached to them. Season 2 is coming out in April and continues the story. 9701039d-2012-4623-80da-0c48ca800b00
  • Black Mirror – All I can say is that to watch this show you really have to be in the space to accept that you’ll be thinking about the episode for the rest of the night maybe even a few days. Each episode follows a different set of characters, different storyline and setting, but most of them have a technological element within them. For example one of the episodes and one of my personal favourites ‘San Junipero’ focuses on a time in the future where when a person dies, they can get their consciousness uploaded into a fictional town called San Junipero and live forever on this cloud like system. Sounds pretty cool right? it is so worth watching and will really make you think. My favourite season would have to be season 3 but every season has some really good material, the ideas and writing are top notch. black-mirror-season-3-poster.png
  • Scream – If you’re familiar with the original movies which this tv series is based off, then you’ll know what to expect; gory over the top deaths and a who dunnit style process. The show has all of these things and I really found myself enjoying it, it’s what I would call light watching, it’s not as ‘deep’ as Black Mirror is but it’s entertaining and fits the bill if you want a show with characters you grow to really appreciate and also the whole horror / slasher element which is cool too. It can be predictable and a bit silly at times but that’s the fun of it, it’s not meant to be super serious either.97c6aff8f20476dd26a86cc287250518
  • Gotham – This show. oh my. It is SO good you guys. I had heard about it ages ago since it’s been out for a good few years now and has a few seasons but I am so glad I started it. I really like Batman and he is probably my favourite hero from DC, so this origin story of sorts and retelling is great. The show follows multiple different storylines that all interconnect and features a young Jim Gordon when he is still a rookie cop.  It starts off from when Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered, so he is still quite young but it is an origin story after all, you get to see what shapes him into eventually becoming Batman. Alfred is also there of course. It includes all the iconic characters like Selina Kyle, The Penguin and The Riddler amongst others. It is a fresh take on the genre for sure and I am eagerly awaiting the next episode since it’s on a break at the moment. Also I really like Penguin, he’s a charismatic character and so pathetic at times but you feel for him, despite knowing he’s a ‘villain’. gotham_header_h_2015.jpg
  • Glitch- Started this recently, as it only has 6 parts and mini series are easy to get through. Set in Australia, in a small town where all of a sudden, 6 people who are buried rise from the dead. I’ve only seen two episodes so bear this in mind, but it’s quite funny and unique. I haven’t seen a show that has quite the same plot and I’m intrigued to see why it all happened. Also why the people turn up naked? like weren’t they buried with clothes? I’m confused. 20a42f90ef31a096565dd47de634ed2cc5509f98

Hope you all enjoyed this post + my top picks! This really made me realise how many shows I watch, this isn’t even all of them…

Until next time, Rumaanah x

17 thoughts on “My top picks on Netflix

    1. I started Luke Cage but haven’t finished yet, but will get back on it and I’ll also check out into the badlands. Haven’t heard of that one actually so will be cool.

      1. My pleasure 🙂 They also have the entire Star Trek franchise on Netflix right now (all 5 shows). I have a bit of an obsession with science fiction as you can see loool.

      2. ooh I’m more of a Star Wars fan myself but I will definitely take a watch and see if I can get into Star Trek. Thank you again! What else are you into? (:

      3. Oh I’m a huge Star Wars fan too. While I love the original trilogy , I actually don’t hate all of the prequels, Revenge of the Sith was mostly quite good (except for that last scene where Darth Vader starts wailing). Have you ever tried SW’s expanded universe (books/comics)? I absolutely hated The Force Awaken, and I’m pretty much indifferent toward Rogue One. I honestly can’t say that anything they’ve done with the franchise since Disney took over is impressive. So, I’m mostly into science fiction (book, movies, tv shows), some fantasy like Lord of the ring and Game of Thrones. I also happen to love British murder mysteries. I don’t know if you’ve tried Dr.Who and Sherlock (2010), but I recommend them both. I still watch Supernatural despite the fact that it has been going on for the past 12 years….I’m a lot less diligent about watching it though but I still hang in there out of loyalty for the show (The first 5 seasons were so good, it makes up for everything else lol). I’m now hooked on a new sci-fi show called the Expanse. It is unfortunately not available on Neftflix for the moment. Oh and if you decide to watch Star Trek, the original series might be a bit too dated, so start with either The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine.

      4. I totally agree! The prequels got a lot of hate even though they didn’t deserve it, they told the origin story pretty well I feel. I must admit I did enjoy The Force Awakens but I’m not going to see Rogue One. Not really feeling it to be honest. I absolutely love Lord of the rings – seen each movie so many times, me and my brother were hooked. I’m going to restart GOT actually before the next season starts, I lost track halfway through but I really enjoyed what I did see. I’m british so I’ve seen a bit of sherlock and doctor who, I was a big fan of David Tennant as the doctor. After his run though I didn’t find myself as attached to the story. I also LOVE the walking dead, funnily enough sam and deans dad in the show plays the biggest villain on TWD at the moment haha. & thanks for the tips!

      5. Yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Negan on TWD was a great casting choice. I agree with you on David Tenant being the best Doctor by far, he is my favourite and after he left I wasn’t as attached to the show either. You might enjoy Firefly and Farscape both are great shows too. Did you watch Crazyheads, it is a British series on Netflix? I did enjoy the first season, despite the colourful language lol. It reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

      6. I’ve heard of firefly and farscape but don’t know much about them, will add to my to watch list! it seems like there’s so much haha and no I didn’t, but I used to love Buffy so will give it a try too. Do you read a lot?

      7. Yes, reading is my first love, binge watching tv shows is more of a hobby lool. I read pretty much everything, the only genres I avoid like the plague are romance and anything labelled as Erotica (which—to my great chagrin— has been popularized by the whole 50 shades of nonsense franchise). I read just about as much non- fiction as fiction. What about you? Any preferences?

      8. Yeah same here! I’ve always loved reading. I read a bit of everything to be honest, minus the last one you mentioned haha, not really my thing. I like poetry too. I’m reading a non fiction book called ‘from my sisters lips’ at the moment actually, will have a review of it up soon. What’s your favourite book? (Hard question, I know!)

      9. I’ll have to add it to my list, sounds great. My one would have to be A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Set in Afghanistan and told through the perspective of two women, it’s so moving and heartbreaking.

  1. You’re most welcome, trust me, once you read it your life will be changed haha. It really affected me and stuck with me. If you do get round to it, definitely let me know what you think x

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