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Exploring the Saatchi Gallery

Hi guys,

So yesterday Jordan and I visited the Saatchi Gallery and since it was such a great day, I thought you guys might like to hear about it and see some pictures we took throughout the day – if you happen to live in London do take a trip down!

It was amazing to see all new art pieces and see some pieces which I had been wanting to see and photograph for a long time. It was easy to get consumed in all the art as it all differed so much, from each individual piece to the bigger installations. Some of the most intriguing exhibits would have to be the Gu Wenda : United Man and Space exhibit which showcased flags of a multitude of countries…made entirely of real human hair and glue. At first we had no idea until closer inspection and we were fascinated and mildly discomfited at the same time but it was super cool nevertheless. ( looking at the picture – can you tell it’s hair from afar? )

Another notable one was the Richard Wilson 20:50 exhibit which features a room full of recycled oil which is eerily symmetrical and mirrors reflections perfectly. The true effect can only be found if you see it in person as the oil is so impenetrable as you view it from above. The room also offers a sensory allusion to the exhibit as it smells faintly of petrol!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and have made plans to go back whenever we can. After we explored the entire gallery, we walked through Chelsea and the surrounding area which was also lovely despite the chilly weather.
Hope you enjoyed this post and the attached pictures, some taken by myself and some by my super talented best friend.

Until next time!
– Rumaanah















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