Summer update~

Hi guys,

First off I would like to apologise for my absence from the blogging world, one thing after another has come up and I have just been so busy! But on the bright side I now have a lot to write about and update you all on! as you can see this post is entitled; Summer update and I will be showing you what I have done so far – the exciting, not so exciting and everything else in between!

1.) Llandudno, Wales; along with my family, I went on a day trip to the north coast of Wales to a sleepy little seaside town called Llandudno. It was so beautiful and there was a lot to see and do. I would also like to mention and say thanks to the extremely charming and friendly locals, who were really helpful. We drove up the cliffside and also had lunch on an outcrop and it was amazing, it’s a really nice place to visit with family as there is a really peaceful air and brings out the explorer in all of us.

2.) Visiting family up north; I hadn’t been to Bolton, which is in Lancashire in about two years so spending time with my family was so valued and I had such a great time. I feel like I’ve grown so much closer to my family now and I will always remember this trip fondly.

3.) Bike ride; A few months ago, me and my best friend Jordan explored whilst on a bike ride and found our way to the olympic park in Stratford, since that time we have gone back and since it’s quiet there and chilled out it’s a nice place to go with a picnic. As the route also includes riding along the River Lee, we saw lots of boats and other cyclists, skaters and interesting characters.

4.) Meeting one of my penpals; one of my penpals Anji, who lives in Barcelona came to London for a holiday with her family so we used this opportunity to meet in person for the first time and it was so great. I showed them around the Tate modern art gallery, St Pauls cathedral and we had a nice lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, so cute and rustic. We plan to meet up again in the future and I can’t wait! Without the internet and one of my favourite apps; instagram, we never would have become friends so I am extremely grateful.

I feel like I am missing out a lot more things but those which are not explicitly mentioned are just everyday occurrences, which have however played a big part in my being content this summer. I feel like these have been some of the genuinely happy times of my life and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I have a lot more posts planned so stay tuned, also enjoy the pictures I took throughout summer so far~

until next time, Rumaanah x 20140819-002214-1334887.jpg


















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