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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Hi guys,

Since I’ve been awol for a little while, decided to start off again with another book review since I’ve had more free time as of late and so have been getting lots of reading done! The book I just finished was Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

First off let me just say; I could not put it down, it absolutely drew me in from the very first page and it took me about four days to finish it completely.

I am a huge sucker for romance and also slightly classical romances or historical ones so naturally this was one I was very much interested in reading. I can honestly say it kept me guessing right until crucial reveals and it was so shocking and climatic, I loved it and it will definitely go down on my top list of books.

The description is so rich and beautiful, so haunting that you can visualise the halls of Manderley, the fields, the beach, even something as inconsequential as a bedspread or handkerchief, that’s how good the writing quality is. I also think the vivid descriptions of the characters of course are so enjoyable, you grow to identify with the narrator – who by the way remains unnamed throughout, strange but also so original – and empathise with even the most questionable individuals.

I think this book is extremely powerful, the message and underlying plots are rather unexpected and dramatic for the convention at the time it was published. Have to say the feminist in me was applauding Du Maurier’s bravery and ability to project such strong, unabashed female characters. It is rather timeless I think, for we can all find parts of ourselves in the second Mrs De Winter and Max’s story, the indecision, hushed romance , secrecy and mystery will keep you turning the pages for more.

Hope you enjoyed this post! and do definitely take a read of it and tell me what you think possibly (:
until next time!
– Rumaanah


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