Humans Of New York

Hi guys,

Since the blogging world is so enjoyable and I’m always looking for inspiration and new content to read I thought I would share one of my favourite websites/blogs with you all; Humans Of New York. I stumbled upon this page about a month or two ago and since then have been obsessed and furiously checking for new posts every few days.

I am someone who really enjoys listening to peoples stories and life experiences, even getting a little insight into the lives of other people is so great. This blog does this in such a unique and interesting way, Brandon Stanton the photographer and guy who runs the blog basically goes around various parts of New York and interviews people and takes a photograph of them. But the questions he asks are more than just surface ones and the people he interviews always give such inspiring, a lot of the times funny and insightful responses. Not only are the stories and responses memorable but also the photographs are so vivid and they showcase the diversity within New York.

For me personally as someone who really loves New York and was awed when I visited a few years ago, Humans Of New York is a perfect insight into the city and the life force behind it; the people. I also plan to buy the Humans Of New York book, so I can have a physical copy of his amazing photographs and stories he has collected. I hope all of you enjoy the blog just as much and are inspired and affected by the content, which I definitely am.

Here is the link for the website!

Until next time
– Rumaanah

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