Places to visit in London!

Hi there!

I was struggling to come up with a new post, racking my brain attempting to come up with an entertaining or interesting topic to cover, until it struck me; I could write about where I live and the various places to explore within London. These are all places I have been to in person and have enjoyed spending time there, hopefully if you decide to visit them, you will too. So here we go!

1.) Soho – this is a really cool place and there are a lot of record shops, comic book shops and also just little knick knacks that you might not find elsewhere! Also there is the obvious reputation it has as being the ‘adult’ kind of district and there’s a fair few of those kind of shops too haha. But regardless it’s a nice place to visit and if you haven’t been there before I would recommend it. My best friend Jords showed me around the first time and since then it’s one of my favourites.

2.) Carnaby Street – This is a little hidden treasure that a lot of people may pass by without even knowing as it’s one of the side streets in central london. It has a lot of cafe’s, pubs and cute little boutiques, so there is something for everyone. Plus at different times of the year they have decorations and parades, which is nice too, and the infamous ‘welcome to carnaby street’ sign makes a good picture!

3.) Beetles and Huxley Gallery – this gallery is a quite small one and has featured a lot of famous photographers work in the past, they currently have a Steve Mccurry exhibition that me and Jords were lucky enough to see, if you can you should really go! It’s just a short walk from piccadilly circus and it’s a nice little adventure.

4.) Tate Modern – This is a really well known art gallery within London and if you haven’t been there then you have probably heard of it. It houses such a great variety of art and always has special exhibitions on, good place to visit and St Pauls Cathedral is also pretty close by so you can see that if you’d like, it’s a really impressive building and again makes for a very good photo! ( I am constantly looking for things which make a good photo, have to say I love taking pictures )

5.) Regent’s Park – This is such a beautiful park and it’s really big too so there are a lot of activities going on, you can go on a boat ride, go on individual paddle boats around a small lake or even just have a nice picnic. As it’s quite large you can find some privacy and it’s not that crowded. There is also a really pretty mosque nearby, so if you enjoy islamic architecture then check it out.

6.) Victoria Park – this park is HUGE and is so nice during the summer, it’s always packed in the playground part but there are various different areas and there are a lot of funfairs held there. They host a steam fair at different points, where it has all the old fashioned rides which are all powered by steam, really enjoyable day. The area surrounding the park is also really nice and there are a lot of cafes and restaurants.

These are all the top places that I can think of right now, which are not completely obvious and which some people may not always visit. Hope you enjoyed and I will attach a picture or two which I took around these places!
( note: these pictures were taken on my phone so they’re not super high quality but good enough I guess ) hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time – Rumaanah








2 thoughts on “Places to visit in London!

    1. thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading my post & also thank you for the map, it will prove to be very useful I’m sure! x

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